Contracts ratified in Providence and Worcester

On July 23, 2019…..The members of the Providence and Worcester units overwhelmingly ratified contracts with GateHouse Media.  Huge thanks to all of the negotiators from our Bargaining Committees, past and present for this positive outcome. (GateHouse purchased Providence in September 2014, and Worcester in January 2015…..its been a long time….Thanks again)


*80% of the contract that was thrown out in 2014 by Gatehouse when they purchased us WILL BE RESTORED

*$500 signing bonus upon signing

*5 additional sick/personal days (in addition to the 5 sick days in the contract)

*Wage pay scales will be restored

*Jurisdiction will be restored (which is extremely important given our owners)

*Out of seniority layoffs (skips) with the following conditions

The company must notify the Guild 2 weeks in advance of the employee being skipped, what special skill that employee possess over a more senior person. The company must offer a voluntary buyout before a skip is used. There are only 4 skips per year which can be used all in one classification, or can be used in 4 different classifications. No additional skip when the 4 are reached

*Memorandum of agreement on KPI’s and cross selling in advertising in Providence

*Grievance must be filed within 70 days

*Employees must pay dues as a condition of employment in Providence, dues deduction by payroll in Worcester

*The contract expires December 2020 (which would mean that we will be in bargaining in a little more than a year (and we can propose to make changes that we don’t like at that time).

*A Wage Increase and Health Insurance re-opener for 2020