A multimedia union

We are the more than 200 people who bring the news to print and online readers of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and Brockton Enterprise in Massachusetts and the Woonsocket Call, Pawtucket Times and Providence Journal in Rhode Island.

We sell the ads, distribute the papers, take the pictures, assemble the pages, post to the web and social media and write and edit the stories that let the people of Rhode Island and Massachusetts know what is going on in their worlds.

By protecting pay levels and benefits, we work to make sure our employers can attract and maintain quality work forces that will enable them adapt to and compete in all platforms for the delivery of news.

Unlike the out-of-town owners of our employers, we live in the towns where we work. We know our markets and we know the business. We care about what kind of papers we publish because know what they mean to our towns, beyond the dollars and cents of a quarterly corporate bottom line.

We care about how are members are paid, because that means they can continue to do a job they love and at place the like doing it. And we work to see the profits our outlets generate stay at home, so future employees and readers, will be able to enjoy a high level of excellence.