Guild Officers and Executive Committee Members

 John Hill, president

Alisha A. Pina, vice president

jhill2 John Hill is a regional bureau manager in the ProJo News Department’s Lincoln State Staff Bureau. He served as secretary from 1997 to 2003. He has worked at the Journal since 1988. He was elected a regional vice president of The Newspaper Guild in 2011. alisha-new2016 Alisha A. Pina is a Providence Journal staff writer since 1995. From the State House Bureau, she covers family and social services as well as the politics, leaders and policies that affect the delivery of those services to Rhode Islanders. She was first elected to the Executive Committee in 2012.
 Maribeth Garlick, secretary

Greg Smith, treasurer

gsmith Greg Smith is a reporter on the ProJo News Department’s city Staff. He has worked at the Journal since 1972. He has served as treasurer since 1990. Prior to that he served one year as secretary.
The Guild’s officers are elected annually and take office at the June membership meeting.

At-large Executive Board Members

Rick Eggleston
Cyndy Taylor  Carrie Simonelli
Tim Murphy jeanneM Jeanne E. Mullaney is an advertising sales representative at the Providence Journal.


Your Local Union Staff

Betsy Regan, Providence Newspaper Guild Administrator Betsy Regan, administrator — Prior to joining the Providence Guild in October 2009, Betsy worked for the national office of The Newspaper Guild as a staff representative. Except for two years as a self-employed advertising services consultant, Betsy had worked in ad sales at The Enterprise in Brockton, Mass., since 1981. While at Brockton she served as her local’s president, secretary-treasurer and led its negotiating committee three times.She’s been recognized as a leader in New England as well, serving as first vice-president of the New England District Council of Newspaper Guild locals, and on the national level as chairwoman of the Bargaining and Credentials committees, respectively, at the 2003 and 2005 Newspaper Guild international conventions.“I am here to make members more comfortable in their work environment. My job is to enforce the contract, so if a member thinks there is a contract violation, contact me.”
Anna Degrace, office manager, Providence Newspaper GuildAnna DeGrace, office manager — Anna has been with the Guild since 1998 and is our office
manager. She’s an important overall resource with special emphasis on
keeping our financial records in line — payrolls, dues, financial
reports and tax recordkeeping among her major areas of work. She is
key to the annual Follies, handling tickets, invitations and mailings.
She holds an Associate’s degree from Community College of Rhode Island
and is the mother of two grown children.

Retirees Chapter President

Kerry Kohring, Retirees Chapter president Kerry Kohring is a retired section editor from The Providence Journal newsroom, having worked mainly on the national/foreign and financial desks. He joined the Journal in 1974, was elected to the PNG Executive Board in 1995 and served on the negotiating committee for numerous contracts. He was a longtime shop steward, a recurring delegate to the national TNG-CWA conventions and a vice president of the New England District Council. He retired in September 2010, and was instrumental in founding the local’s retiree chapter, becoming its first president.